I understand the Replica License Plate I am ordering are for
novelty and entertainment purposes only. I will not use these novelty plate(s) for illegal purposes of any kind. I am a responsible person of at least 18 years of age and agree not use these products to misrepresent myself or anyone else.

I understand that when ordering any novelty items I am accepting these legal terms I will not hold the site operator, owner or it's agents liable for any harm that be caused due to using these novelty/souvenir plates for unlawful purposes. I am releasing the site operator or its entities of any action caused by me. I am seeking these souvenir plate(s) for entertainment and novelty purposes and would never be used as a real license plate tag.

I will not nor will I permit anyone who might use these novelty/souvenir plate(s) in an illegal or improper manner. Under penalties of perjury, fraud and fines I do solemnly declare and affirm to the statements above.
I understand that these novelty items are not being issued by any government entity. The issuing agent is not a representative or licensee thereof. I agree to the conditions of sale as a novelty/souvenir item. I agree to be bound by the above terms and conditions. I acknowledge that any representation made or given by the issuing agent is only in relation to entertainment purposes.

I understand that all samples shown are for entertainment viewing purposes only as novelty/souvenir gifts.

I have relied upon my own judgment in deciding to purchase the above novelty/souvenir products. I further understand that the issuing agent/manufacture reserves the right to cancel my order and at any time if CRE8 UR PL8 feels that the novelty plate maybe misused for illegal purposes we would contact local law enforcement agency and co-operate fully with any case.



Refund Policy For Custom Orders: There are no refunds for custom made due to each plate is made to order. If your not sure what is stock and what is custom, please email us before placing your order online.

Refund Policy For Stock License Plates: We will issue full refund on all in stock returned to us in the same conditioned shipped in new uninstalled condition only, Buyer is responsible for cost of shipping and return.

No refunds or exchange on any wholesale stock orders or volume orders.

Colour Matching: We do not offer guarantee that the finished product will colour match your original image. This is due to printing type and finish on each plate, that the shade of colour may appear shade darker or lighter. light reflection can also influence colour matching. If you require colour matching your logo or image, please specify this in your email request, this will increase price as required to do multiple runs for approval and ink adjustments.

Damage Replacements: Only available with insured shipments you pay for. Please give us a call at: 1-888-92-UR-PL8 or email if your item has arrived damaged we would have to start a claim with Canada Post, within 90 days from the date shipped (not received). Keep the item and its packaging in case they’re required for the claim assessment. Print copy of your invoice for your records.

This site will not be liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of misuse or inability to use the novelty products correctly. Therefore the consumer bears the full responsibility of use of these products.
This site reserves the right to refuse service.

If you do not agree to these terms and conditions and our company policy, refunds or exchanges then please do not purchase our product from us.

Image rights: We are a print service provider many times customers will supply image(s) for custom print. Those images provided to us by you belong to you and we will not reproduce without your consent except in the event where you as a individual or business fails to pay for our service provided and only when money is owed to us. After 60 days of non payment or failure to payment arrangement we will own the rights of your image to reprint and sell your ordered material's) until all losses are recovered at an interest rate of no less than 30% monthly compounded daily, cost of material, labour and any other financial loss. We will then seize the use of your image once all financial losses are recovered and debt with us would be considered settled without the need for court and legal costs arising from collections and small claims. In most cases we will ask for deposit or payment in full prior to release of shipment to avoid financial loss as some images can not be resold or have any financial recovery possibility for example your company logo or images with names. We are not your financial bank.


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